The Chunnel

chunnel map locationThe Underground train tunnel that traverses the channel between England and France via a sub-aquatic cave tube is affectionately known as “The Chunnel.”

It was built between 1988 and 1994, requiring some major modern engineering to accomplish it. Built under and through the shortest expanse between these two countries, it is the first and only train tunnel of its kind and the only dual country collaboration project that connects the tiny island nation of Great Britain to the European mainland.

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Glass Window Shark Tunnels

Always completely fascinating to me is the concept of an underwater tunnel made of glass, thus allowing the average person to have the same type of experiences as a scuba diver.

Also known as shark tunnel’s, there are over forty of them in the world, found mostly in aquariums or zoos. One of my buddies from high school owns a window cleaning service company in the Los Angeles area. We’re still in touch, and he told me he picked up an account at the Sea Life Aquarium,

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Introductory Tunnel Post

Hamas Warfare Tunnel Welcome to my blog The posts here will be all about the tunnels of the world. In order not to seem redundant, if you are curious about why I started this blog, check out my About Me page.

I’m going to discuss throughout this blog about all the different tunnels in the world, some of which are the most amazing man made structures in the world. I’ll discuss history, statistics, as well show you different photos of these tunnels.

Tunnels are not only used by vehicles for transit to get under obstacles, they have been used throughout history and still today for warfare, mining,  water supply, sewage, moving black market goods, etc.

If you’re interested in a good read about tunnels, one of my favorite websites on the subject can be found by clicking here. 

So what exactly is a tunnel?

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