Glass Window Shark Tunnels

Always completely fascinating to me is the concept of an underwater tunnel made of glass, thus allowing the average person to have the same type of experiences as a scuba diver.

Also known as shark tunnel’s, there are over forty of them in the world, found mostly in aquariums or zoos. One of my buddies from high school owns a window cleaning service company in the Los Angeles area. We’re still in touch, and he told me he picked up an account at the Sea Life Aquarium,

which is at Lego-land in Carlsbad, CA. He told me the best part of his day is cleaning those tunnels windows. Hey I guess if you’re a window cleaner, seeing sharks up close every day would definitely make the day go faster!

The longest glass tunnel in an aquarium is at the Antalya Aquarium in Turkey, stretching just over 430 feet long.

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