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Hamas Warfare Tunnel Welcome to my blog The posts here will be all about the tunnels of the world. In order not to seem redundant, if you are curious about why I started this blog, check out my About Me page.

I’m going to discuss throughout this blog about all the different tunnels in the world, some of which are the most amazing man made structures in the world. I’ll discuss history, statistics, as well show you different photos of these tunnels.

Tunnels are not only used by vehicles for transit to get under obstacles, they have been used throughout history and still today for warfare, mining,  water supply, sewage, moving black market goods, etc.

If you’re interested in a good read about tunnels, one of my favorite websites on the subject can be found by clicking here. 

So what exactly is a tunnel?

I’ve seen a few different dictionary definitions, and while all are good, the one I like the best comes from Merriam-Webster that defines a tunnel as “a horizontal passageway under or through an obstruction”.

Tunnel’s are constructed in mainly three different ways. Below is a brief description of each method, in later posts I’ll get more in depth on each method.

  1. Cut and Cover Method – This is where you dig out a shallow trench and then cover it over to enclose it. Two sub-methods of cut and cover are the bottom up and top down methods.
  2. Bored Method – This is when you drill into the ground. Different than the cut and cover method as you do not remove any of the ground above the tunnel.
  3. Tubing – This method is not a true tunnel, as it’s not dug out from the ground. It is imply a tube, pre-made, that is sunk into water or ground.

tunnel boring machine I find the boring method the most fascinating. Reason being is that the machines that do the boring are so massive and powerful, I just think they are one of the wonders of the industrial age, replacing the work of 10 men when they fist came out.

Before boring drills, men used to dig tunnels by hand. I always remembered the story song about the american John Henry, old USA railroad tunnel builder.  An automatic steam drill was invented and brought to the dig site.

John was scared he would lose his job to the machine, so had a contest with the machine, with the winner being the one that could tunnel over a day the fastest.

The story goes that John Henry beat the steam-drill, but died shortly thereafter from exhaustion. No one knows for sure if the story in the song is true, but it was one of the stories that epitomizes the american industrial revolution.






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