About Me

I hope you enjoy reading my blog page. My name is Cedric, and ever since I was a kid I was fascinated with tunnels. I can remember my parents driving me through my first tunnel when I was a kid, The Ted Williams Tunnel in Boston. I was in complete awe knowing that we were actually under water beneath the Boston Harbor.

I am not an engineer, but my older brother Josh  is, and he explains to me now all the basic engineering knowledge (even though I don’t understand the math calculations part.  Josh wanted to build tunnels. So he became a civil engineer. He wanted to build stuff. It started because we loved to build with legos and blocks, but it became a fascination for both of us. We used to play with our men and hide them in tunnels that we built to keep them from the bad guys. Now he is on a project in Norway where some of the most amazing tunnels in the world are  and new innovations in building are in the making.

So please enjoy with me my fascination with the tunnels of the world. I’ll be talking about the history of tunnels as well as showing you all the famous ones around the world.